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Jeffrey Kerby

Jeffrey Kerby

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Ecology, Ph.D. Program

312 Mueller
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-8162
Lab: Post

Research Interests

Ecology, Conservation, Geography, Extreme Environments, Remote Sensing

Selected Publications

Kerby, J. & Post, E. 2013 Advancing plant phenology and reduced herbivore production in a terrestrial system associated with sea ice decline. Nature Communications, 4, 2514.

Post, E., Bhatt, U., Bitz, C., Brodie, J., Fulton, T., Hebblewhite, M., Kerby, J, Kutz, S., Stirling, I., Walker, D. 2013 Ecological consequences of sea-ice decline. Science, 341, 519-524. 

Kerby, J. & Post E 2013. Capital and income breeding traits differentiate trophic match-mismatch dynamics in large herbivores. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B., 386, 1624.   

Kerby, J., Wilmers, C.C., & Post, E.  2012.  Climate change, phenology, and the nature of consumer-resource interactions:  advancing the match/mismatch hypothesis.  In Trait-Mediated Indirect Effects: Ecological and Evolutionary Perspectives, eds. Ohgushi, T., Schmitz, O.J., & Holt, R.  Cambridge University Press.

Olsen, K., Mueller, T., Kerby, J., Bolortsetseg, S., Leimgruber, P., Nicolson, C., Fuller, T.  2011. Death by a thousand huts: Effects of household presence on density and distribution of Mongolian Gazelles.  Conservation Letters, 4, 304-312.

Fashing, P., Nguyen, N., Barry, T., Goodale, C., Burke, R., Jones, S., Kerby, J., Lee, L., Nurmi, N., Venkataraman, V. 2010.  Death among geladas (Theropithecus gelada): A broader perspective on mummified infants and primate thanatology.  American Journal of Primatology, 73, 405-409.