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Victoria Braithwaite

Victoria Braithwaite

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The Dorothy and Lloyd Huck Chair in Behavioral Biology

Professor of Fisheries and Biology

410 Forest Resources Building
Penn State University

University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814)865-4675


  1. D.Phil. University of Oxford, United Kingdom, 1993
  2. B.A. Oxford University, United Kingdom, 1988

Honors and Awards

  1. Fellow, The Linnean Society of London, 2016
  2. Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, Berlin, Germany, 2015
  3. Harbaugh Faculty Scholar, 2014
  4. Bellis Award, Ecology, 2010
  5. Professor II, Bergen University, Norway, 2008-11
  6. Fisheries Society of the British Isles Medal, 2006
  7. Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation, 2005

Research Interests

Animal Perception, Learning, and Memory

Variation in Learning and Memory Ability: The Role of Predation Pressure and Other Ecological Variables

How do different ecological pressures affect animal learning and memory abilities? Our investigations use factors such as predation pressure or the relative stability of the local environment to determine what shapes cognition and temperament in different natural populations. Our studies use within-species comparisons and rearing in controlled environments to determine factors underpinning individual differences in cognition and behavior. Much of our work uses various species of fish to address these issues.

Effects of Variable Rearing Environments on the Development of Behavior in Hatchery-Reared Fish

Over the last few years concerted efforts have been made to bolster threatened fish populations through the managed release of hatchery-reared individuals. While hatcheries provide a safe and productive growing environment, they do little to prepare fish for life in naturally variable wild environments. We have been investigating how to introduce elements of variability into the hatchery environment to promote behavioral flexibility and increase survival in hatchery-reared fish that are released into the wild.

How Should we Maintain and Care for Fish in Public Aquaria?

In a new collaboration with the Norwalk Aquarium in Connecticut, we are linking Penn State with the marine environment. This research is investigating which kinds of tank enrichment and other forms of stimulation help different species cope in captive environments that are often busy and noisy with interested aquarium visitors. One aspect currently being addressed is the value of providing more choice, control and predictability to the captive environment. This work is, in part, supported by a donation from Peter and Ann Tombros.

Unpredictable Stress During Adolescence

We have begun to use rodent models to explore the effects of exposure to stressors specifically during adolescence. As this is a particularly sensitive time of life where the stress response system matures and specific regions in the brain undergo considerable change, stressors experienced during this time could be expected to generate long-term consequences for the adult phenotype. We are investigating the development of adult decision making, coping response, and cognitive bias in rodents that have experienced chronic unpredictable stress during adolescence.

Pain Perception, Fear, and Suffering in Fish

Do fish have a capacity to detect tissue-damaging stimuli and if they do, can the fish perceive such stimuli as painful? We have shown that fish possess a nociceptive system, a system that consists of specialized nerve fibers that mammals and birds use to detect noxious stimuli. We also have found that fish experiencing noxious stimuli are cognitively impaired, but this impairment can be reversed if the fish are provided with pain relief. We currently are using assays of fish emotional states and cognition as tools to investigate whether fish suffer from the negative experience of pain. Our work aims to determine what types of welfare measures might be appropriate for fish held in captivity for aquaculture or in research establishments.



Selected Publications

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