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Upcoming seminars in the Biology Department
Start Date Speaker Title Location
03 February 2015 04:00 PM Patricia Gibert How to survive in a changing world? Adaptive responses of insects to environmental changes 8 Mueller Laboratory
10 February 2015 04:00 PM Nora Besansky A phylogenomic portrait of introgression in the Anopheles gambiae complex Berg Auditorium, 100 Life Sciences Building
24 February 2015 04:00 PM Ann Budd Rethinking the phylogeny of scleractinian corals: integrating morphological, molecular and fossil data 8 Mueller Laboratory
03 March 2015 04:00 PM Frank Pugh Genomic mechanisms of chromatin organization and gene regulation Berg Auditorium, 100 Life Sciences Building
17 March 2015 04:00 PM Nita Bharti The role of movement in the spread and control of disease 8 Mueller Laboratory
24 March 2015 04:00 PM Peng Jin Active DNA Demethylation in Neurodevelopment and Neurogenesis 8 Mueller Laboratory
31 March 2015 04:00 PM Tim Jegla Cnidarians, Ctenophores and the Evolution of Neuronal Excitability 8 Mueller Laboratory
07 April 2015 04:00 PM Joan Strassmann Social behavior and mutualism in the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum and its bacterial symbionts Berg Auditorium, 100 Life Sciences Building
08 April 2015 11:45 AM David Queller The Price equation and the evolution of social interactions 108 Wartik Laboratory
16 April 2015 04:00 PM Terry Speed Title to be announced Berg Auditorium, 100 Life Sciences Building
28 April 2015 04:00 PM Joe Ryan Hoxes in boxes and jellies that can't swim: new insights into the evolution of Hox genes and strobilation from the genomes of box and stalked jellies 8 Mueller Laboratory

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