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Events which have already happened.
What does dental calculus tell us about diet, pathogens, and population history?: preliminary results from the chimpanzees of Gombe
Anne Stone - Marker Lecture, Arizona State University
Tracking a killer: using ancient DNA to understand the evolutionary history of tuberculosis
Anne Stone - Marker Lecture, Arizona State University
Music in the Brain: The Neuronal Control and Learning of Bird Song
Michael Fee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mathematical models of treatment responses and resistance evolution in leukemias
Dominik Wodarz, University of California, Irvine
Epigenetic regulation of the circadian gene Per1 in age-related memory decline
Janine Kwapis, University of California, Irvine
Plant-animal interactions in the Anthropocene: Understanding and conserving species threatened by climate change.
Erin Kuprewicz, University of Connecticut
Genomic tales of human history
Josh Akey, Princeton University
Resistance and tolerance of an invading transposable element
Erin Kelleher, University of Houston
Functional genomics of drug-resistant superbugs: From the 1980s through today.
Daria Van Tyne, Harvard University
Epigenetic keys to coral reef resilience & restoration in the age of global climate change
Jose Eirin-Lopez, Florida International University, Miami
Mechanisms and Significance of Microglial Dynamics in the Brain
Ukpong Eyo, Mayo Clinic
Zebrafish Skin: A New System for Studying Nerve Remodeling and Repair
Jeffrey Rasmussen, University of California
Shutting the Door on Malaria: Red Blood Cell Determinants of Plasmodium infection
Manoj Duraisingh, Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health
Midbrain Microglia: unique cell phenotypes and their impact on neuronal function
Lindsay DeBiase, National Institute on Drug Abuse
Speciation in the 21st century: phylogenomics reveals common features of rapid biological diversification
Leonie Moyle, Indiana University of Bloomington
Machine learning and statistical challenges in protein mass spectrometry
Bill Noble, University of Washington
Evolution of Vertebrate Genome Biology: Eons and Embryogenesis
Jeramiah Smith, University of Kentucky
Plant traits and the importance of individual-based competition
Caroline Farrior, University of Texas at Austin
Learning Sequence Function through the Lens of Evolution: Inference of Natural Selection by Unifying Machine Learning and Population Genetics.
Yifei Huang, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Evolutionary proteomics of the nervous system
Benjamin Liebeskind, University of Texas at Austin

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