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Events which have already happened.
Understanding the impact of evolutionary history on genetic variation
Priya Moorjani, Columbia University
Old and new genetic adaptations in humans and other primates
Aida Andres, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Allorecognition and Stem Cell Parasitism: A Tale of Competition, Selfish Genes and Greenbeards in a basal chordate
Anthony DeTomaso CANCELLED, University of California, Santa Barbara
Genetic adaptations to dietary micronutrients in the context of modern and archaic human history
Sergi Castellano, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Genomic imprinting and X chromosome inactivation in therian mammals
Xu Wang, Cornell University
Retrovirus assembly: A novel paradigm
Leslie Parent, Penn State School of Medicine
(Machine) learning about natural selection through genetic variation.
Daniel Schrider, Rutgers University
Ever-evolving stem cell niche concepts
Paul Frenette, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Biology Marker Lecture #2: Of men, mice and birds: the evolution of recombination hotspots
Molly Przeworski, Columbia University
Biology Marker Lecture #1: Searching for the genetic variants that underlie human adaptations
Molly Przeworski, Columbia University
Scary viruses, killer tapeworms, and nostril ticks: discovering ecological pathways of disease transmission
Tony Goldberg, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Rethinking the structure of the growing plant cell wall and molecular mechanisms of cell wall loosening
Daniel Cosgrove, Penn State
Fitness or Dispersal Limitation? Identifying the Proximate Causes of Species' Geographic Range Limits
Amy Angert, University of British Columbia
Censusing the sea in the 21st century
Nancy Knowlton, Smithsonian Institution
Putting the balance back in diet: the nutritional geometry of ageing, obesity and metabolic health
Stephen Simpson, The University of Sydney
Heliconius butterfly genomes mess with our concepts of species and phylogeny
James Mallet, Harvard University
"Dynamics of Phenotypic and Genomic Evolution in a 60,000-Generation Experiment with E. coli "
Dr. Richard Lenski - MARKER LECTURE #2, Michigan State University
"Time Travel in Experimental Evolution"
Dr. Richard Lenski - MARKER LECTURE #1, Michigan State University
Changing Ecologies: Finding Ways to the Future Without Losing the Past
Richard Hobbs, The University of South-Western Australia
**CANCELLED** Molecular Insights into Cilia and Ciliopathies: See Elegance in C. Elegans
Jinghua Hu, Mayo Clinic

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