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Daniel Cosgrove

  • Professor and Holder of the Eberly Chair in Biology
  • Note: for the Head of the Biology Department, contact Dr. Tracy Langkilde


Michael DeGiorgio

  • Assistant Professor of Biology


Heather Hines

  • Assistant Professor of Biology and Entomology


David Hughes

  • Associate Professor of Entomology and Biology


Kateryna Makova

  • Pentz Professor of Biology


James Marden

  • Professor of Biology, &
  • Assoc. Director, Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences


Mary Poss

  • Professor of Biology and Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences


Marilyn Roossinck

  • Professor of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology and Biology


Stephen Schaeffer

  • Professor of Biology, Associate Department Head of Graduate Education
  • Biology Ombudsperson


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