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"The biogeography of plant and animal populations"

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Yvonne Buckley Professor of Zoology, Trinity College of Dublin
29 October 2019 from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Berg Auditorium
SAGF lecture series co-hosted by ECoS
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"Ecologists are increasingly faced with needing to predict how populations of plants and animals will perform under new conditions. Climate change, invasions and other forms of global change provide new environmental contexts for plants and animals and their interactions. New biotic and abiotic conditions have impacts on growth, survival and reproduction which in turn determine whether populations increase, decrease or remain stable through time. In order to understand if new environments change whether or how populations persist we need a fundamental understanding of natural levels of variability within the species across the range of environments it occupies, this can be achieved through comprehensive surveys combined with mechanistic population processes. Demography, the measurement of growth, survival and reproduction, has typically been a local enterprise, but the advent of coordinated network research methods have extended the scope and scale of demographic research and enable general understanding set in local contexts. I will use recent research from my lab on plant and animal populations to discuss the global biogeography of population persistence."