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There are six options for Biology majors, emphasizing different aspects of the field: General Biology; Ecology; Genetics and Developmental Biology; Neuroscience; Plant Biology; and Vertebrate Physiology.

Information For Biology Majors

Course Requirements and Suggested Four-Year Academic Plans

  • General Biology: Requirements Checksheet (pdfdoc); Plan (pdf)
  • Ecology: Requirements Checksheet (pdfdoc); Plan (pdf)
  • Genetics and Developmental Biology: Requirements Checksheet (pdf); Plan (pdf)
  • Neuroscience: Requirements Checksheet (pdfdoc); Plan (pdf)
  • Plant Biology: Requirements Checksheet (pdf); Plan (pdf)
  • Vertebrate Physiology: Requirements Checksheet (pdf); Plan (pdf)

Courses Offered by the Department of Biology

Information for Biology Minors

Requirements for the Biology Minor