Fall Semesters

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Note: Some courses may not be available each fall term. Please visit the schedule of courses for specific course listing each semester.

003  Peer Learning in Biology

110  Biology: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity

110H  Honors Biology: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity

127  Introduction to Plant Biology

129  Mammalian Anatomy

141  Introductory Physiology

142  Physiology Laboratory

155  Introduction to the Biology of Aging

220W Biology: Populations and Communities

220M Honors Biology: Populations and Communities

222  Genetics

251  Peer Leadership in Biology

296  Independent Studies

400  Teaching in Biology

404  Cellular Mechanisms in Vertebrate Physiology

412  Ecology of Infectious Diseases

417  Invertebrate Zoology

421  Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates

424  Seeds of Change: the Uses of Plants

425  Biology of Fungi

427  Evolution

430  Developmental Biology

432  Developmental Genetics

450W  Experimental Field Biology

460  Human Genetics

460H  Honors: Human Genetics

464  Sociobiology

469  Neurobiology

470  Functional and Integrative Neurosciences

472  Mammalian Physiology

474  Astrobiology

496  Independent Studies

497D  Analysis of Biological Data

497E  Biodiversity of Pennsylvania

497F  Science Outreach and Communication