Spring Semesters

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Note: Some courses may not be available each spring term. Please visit the schedule of courses for specific course listing each semester.

110  Biology: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity

120A  Plants, Places, and People

129  Mammalian anatomy

133  Genetics & Evolution of the Human Species

141  Introductory Physiology

142  Physiology Laboratory

230W Biology: Molecules and Cells

240M  Honors: Function and Development of Organisms

240W  Function and Development of Organisms

296  Independent Studies

322  Genetic Analysis

400  Teaching in Biology

405  Molecular Evolution

406  Symbiosis

407  Plant Developmental Anatomy

411  Medical Embryology

415  Ecotoxicology

416  Biology of Cancer

419  Ecological and Environmental Problem Solving

420  Paleobotany

428  Population Genetics

429  Animal Behavior

430  Developmental Biology

433  Evolution of Vertebrates

434  Pathobiology of Emerging Infectious Disease

437  Histology

441  Plant Physiology

443  Evo-devo: Evolution of Developmental Mechanisms

446  Physiological Ecology

451  Biology of RNA

463  General Ecology

467  Molecular Basis of Neurological Diseases

469  Neurobiology

470  Functional and Integrative Neurosciences

472  Mammalian Physiology

473  Mammalian Physiology Laboratory

482  Coastal Biology

496  Independent Study

497A  Networks in Life Science

497B  Biological Oceanography

499  Tropical Field Ecology