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Kenneth M Weiss

Kenneth M Weiss

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Evan Pugh Professor Emeritus

University Park, PA 16802


  1. Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1972
  2. B.A., Oberlin College, 1963

Postdoc Training

  1. University of Michigan, 1972-73

Honors and Awards

  1. Evan Pugh Professor (Penn State)
  2. Fellow, AAAS

Research Interests

The role of genetics in biological variation and its evolution

Dr. Weiss has worked on the problem of diabetes susceptibility in Amerindians, and the effect of genetic variation on cardiovascular disease. Another interest is in the genetic basis of morphological traits that have been important in vertebrate evolution and constitute the fossil record, like the skeleton and the genetic basis of the complex, segmentally differentiated mammalian dentition and general interest is in biodemography--the determinants of age-patterns of traits related to longevity and fitness. He is active in organizing efforts to sample the human genome worldwide, to answer anthropological and biomedical questions.

Selected Publications

  • Fullerton SM, Clark AG, Weiss KM, Nickerson DA, Taylor SL, Stengard JH, Salomaa V, Vartiainen E, Perola M, Boerwinkle E, Sing CF. 2000. Apolipoprotein E variation at the sequence haplotype level: implications for the origin and maintenance of a major huma
  • Nickerson DA, Taylor SL, Fullerton SM, Weiss KM, Clark AG, Stengard JH, Salomaa V, Boerwinkle E, Sing CF. 2000. Sequence diversity and large-scale typing of SNPs in the human apolipoprotein E gene. Genome Res. Oct;10(10):1532-45.
  • Weiss, K. 2000. Genetic Variation and Human Disease. Cambridge Univ Press.
  • Weiss, KM, Terwilliger, JD. 2000. How many diseases do you have to study to map one gene with SNPs. Nature Genet., 26: 151-157.
  • Zhao, Z, Stock, D, Buchanan, A, Weiss, K. 2000. Expression of Dlx genes during murine dental development. Dev, Genes, Evol., 210: 270-275.