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Robert B. Mitchell

Robert B. Mitchell

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Professor Emeritus of Biology

University Park, PA 16802


  1. Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 1969
  2. M.S., Ohio University, 1966
  3. B.S., Denison College, 1964

Selected Publications

  • B. Mitchell, J. T. Stout, and G. E. McClearn, G. P. Vogler, T. L. Nelson, J. D. Grant, L. Karkowski, J. A. Strauss, R. 1996. Developmental genetic analysis of physiological biomarkers of aging in mice. Behavior Genetics 26:601.
  • R. B. Mitchell, D. Gingrich, and R. L. Jones. 1994. The biology of aging. J. Am. Acad. Physician Asst. 7(1):210-216.
  • J. A. Strauss, A. Anthony, and R. B. Mitchell. 1992. Changes in HS mouse erythrocyte mass and area with respect to donor age. J. Gerontol. 47(1):13-17.
  • Lane, M. A., L. C. Malmrose, J. G. Greene, A. Anthony, and R. B. Mitchell. 1989. Cytophotometric measurement of neuronal lipofuscin accumulation, chromatin compaction and RNA and protein concentrations in individual neurons from C57BL/6 mice of three ages