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Reka Albert

Reka Albert

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Distinguished Professor of Physics and Adjunct Professor of Biology

152E Davey Lab
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814)865-1141

Honors and Awards

  1. External member of the Hungarian Academy of Science
  2. Fellow of the American Physical Society
  3. Maria Goeppert- Mayer Award (2011)

Research Interests

I lead a theoretical and computational biology group which develops predictive models of biological systems. We work in close collaboration with experimental laboratories on integrated projects that have both experimental and theoretical components. Our current projects focus on signal transduction networks in plants (in collaboration with Prof. Sally Assmann), signaling in cancer cells (in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Loughran at the University of Virginia) and the stability of mutualistic communities (in collaboration with Prof. Katriona Shea). Our overall goal is to use the understanding gained from the models to identify beneficial, damage-mitigating interventions.

Selected Publications

S. N. Steinway, J. G. T. Zañudo, P. J. Michel, D. J. Feith, T. P. Loughran, R. Albert, Combinatorial Interventions Inhibit TGFb-Driven Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Support Hybrid Cellular Phenotypes, npj Systems Biology and Applications 1, 15014 (2015).

S. N. Steinway, M. Biggs, T. P. Loughran, J. Papin, R. Albert, Inference of Network Dynamics and Metabolic Interactions in the Gut Microbiome, PLOS Computational Biology 11, e1004338 (2015).

J. G. T. Zanudo, R. Albert, Cell Fate Reprogramming by Control of Intracellular Network Dynamics, PLOS Computational Biology 11, e1004193 (2015).

Z. Sun, X. Jin, R. Albert, S.M. Assmann, Multi-level modeling of light-induced stomatal opening offers new insight into its regulation by drought, PLOS Computational Biology 10, e1003930 (2014).

S. N. Steinway, J. G. T. Zañudo, W. Ding, C. B. Rountree, D. J. Feith, T. P. Loughran, Jr., R. Albert, Network modeling of TGFβ signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition reveals joint Sonic hedgehog and Wnt pathway activation, Cancer Research 74, 5963-5977 (2014).

C. Campbell, S. Yang, K. Shea, R. Albert, Topology of plant-pollinator networks that are vulnerable to collapse from species extinction, Phys. Rev. E 86, 021924 (2012).

A. Saadatpour, R.S. Wang, A. Liao, X. Liu, T. P. Loughran, I. Albert and R. Albert, Dynamical and Structural Analysis of a T Cell Survival Network Identifies Novel Candidate Therapeutic Targets for Large Granular Lymphocyte Leukemia, PLoS Computational Biology 7:e1002267 (2011).
C. Campbell, S. Yang, R. Albert and K. Shea, A network model for plant - pollinator community assembly, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 108, 197-202 (2011).