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Yifei  Huang

Yifei Huang

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Assistant Professor of Biology

514A Wartik
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-6829


  1. Ph.D., McMaster University, 2014
  2. M.Sc., Beijing Normal University, 2009
  3. B.Sc., Zhengzhou University, 2006

Postdoc Training

  1. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2015-2018
  2. University of British Columbia, 2014-2015

Selected Publications

Huang YF, Siepel A (2018) Estimation of allele-specific fitness effects across human protein-coding sequences and implications for disease. bioRxiv doi:

Fang H, Huang YF, Radhakrishnan A, Siepel A, Lyon GJ, Schatz MC (2018) Scikit-ribo enables accurate estimation and robust modeling of translation dynamics at codon resolution. Cell systems 6:180-191.e4

Ramani R, Krumholz K, Huang YF, Siepel A (2018) PhastWeb: a web interface for evolutionary conservation scoring of multiple sequence alignments using phastCons and phyloP. Bioinformatics, In Press

Huang YF, Siepel A (2017) Fast, scalable prediction of deleterious noncoding variants from functional and population genomic data. Nature Genetics 49:618-624

Dukler N*, Gulko B*, Huang YF*, Siepel A (2017) Is a super-enhancer greater than the sum of its parts? Nature Genetics 49:2-3

Dukler N, Booth GT, Huang YF, Tippens N, Waters CT, Danko CG, Lis JT, Siepel A (2017) Nascent RNA sequencing reveals a dynamic global transcriptional response at genes and enhancers to the natural medicinal compound celastrol. Genome Research 27:1816-1829

Huang YF, Golding GB (2015) FuncPatch: a web server for the fast Bayesian inference of conserved functional patches in protein 3D structures. Bioinformatics 31:523-531

Huang YF, Golding GB (2014) Phylogenetic Gaussian process model for the inference of functionally important regions in protein tertiary structures. PLoS Computational Biology 10:e1003429

Huang YF, Golding GB (2012) Inferring sequence regions under functional divergence in duplicate genes. Bioinformatics 28:176-183