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Thomas Slewinski Receives Alumni Association Dissertation Award

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Thomas Slewinski, a plant biology graduate student, working in the lab of David Braun was awarded an Alumni Association Dissertation Award for his dissertation entitled “Characterization of Genes that Regulate Carbohydrate Partitioning in Maize.” His research focuses on the identification and functional characterization of genes that regulate carbon flux in maize leaves. Most of Tom’s research centers on the Tie-dyed, Psychedelic and Sucrose Transporter genes, which regulate the cell-to-cell movement of sugars. Because little is known about the genes that govern this process, his work has provided great insights into the genetic control of carbon transport in plants.  Additionally, his work has far reaching impacts from increasing yields in crop plants, to engineering superior feedstocks for biofuels production.  He has published seven papers in the fields of plant biology and genetics, four of which he is the first author, and presented his work at three professional conferences. Tom has received multiple awards including Braddock fellowships, a Hill fellowship and most recently the 2009 Paul Berg Prize in Molecular Biology.